Primary Questions To Have When Enlisting Catering Services For The First Time

One of the most crucial logistics that you are tasked to handle when planning an event is the food. Whether you are coordinating a baby shower for a dear friend or perhaps simply throwing a party for yourself, it is essential to ensure that you have enough food for your guests but also that it is scrumptious enough to be remembered once the party is over! One of the best ways of ensuring that everything is under control when it comes to the food is hiring reputable catering services. However, currently, there is a myriad of catering companies so it can be challenging to know which professionals will be best for your particular occasion. To help you make the best choice, here are two primary questions to have when enlisting catering services for the first time.

Is the menu fixed?

Different catering companies will take varying approaches to the menus they curate for their occasions. While some companies are capable of customising their menu to suit your individual preferences, others may have specific food items that they offer and you choose what you would want for your event. Your choice of menu will be dependent on the number of guests as well as the theme of the party. for instance, if you are set on having a Christmas themed party, then you may want to work with catering services that are capable of not only offering you with a wide selection of food items but can also decorate the food with the theme in mind! On the other hand, some caterer may have a speciality menu that they are renowned for. When you go for a tasting and find the food delectable enough, then sticking to their fixed speciality menu may be a safe bet for your occasion.

What is included in the overall cost?

A newbie mistake that some people tend to make is accepting a quote for the food without inquiring about whether it covers additional services or not. Most reputable catering companies will have different packages offered depending on what your needs will be for the event. For instance, some catering companies may offer complementary chafing dishes with the food they prepare while others may require you to hire them out for your event. On the other hand, some companies may provide wait staff and utensils along with heir package whereas others may require you to pay for these services. Before you sign a contract with the catering company of your choice, you should have them outline all the services they will provide and any additional costs you may have to bear.

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