6 Benefits of Bottled Water

Bottled water has seen a decrease in the developed world over the years due to developments in providing clean and safe drinking water through the mains water, but bottled water remains an essential product for certain situations and even a requirement in certain parts of the world. Below are 6 benefits of bottled water.


Bottled water's main advantage comes in the form of convenience. Bottled water is great for when you need to go somewhere and do not have access to or do not want to use the facility's tap water.


Not only is bottled water convenient when out and about, but it makes keeping track of your hydration much easier. Many people often forget to get their recommended water intake, and having bottled water in the refrigerator ready to go streamlines the process even more. Furthermore, bottled water comes with the added advantage of labelling the exact amount of water, the amount of minerals and nutrition and any health information you may require.


One of the reasons that bottled water has remained so successful despite tap water being widely available and safe to drink in Australia is the portability that bottled water provides. Furthermore, bottled water comes in many shapes and sizes, meaning there is a bottle for very occasion. Typically, sizes include 350ml water bottles, 600ml water bottles, and 1.5 litre water bottles, among other options.


One of the biggest criticisms against tap water is the fact that the heavy fluoridation of the water leaves a less-than-desired aftertaste. Bottled water does not have the same taste or odour compared to most of the tap water found in Australia. For those with sensitive taste buds, bottled water is a go-to alternative.

Fruity Flavours

With so many bottled waters on the market, many companies have chosen to differentiate themselves by offering flavoured water. These waters usually have a light touch of flavour, which can make drinking water fun. These waters come in a huge variety of different flavours


While some households will not be fully convinced by the benefits of using bottled water, or they might simply prefer to use tap water, it is always good to have a few packs of bottled water stored in the house. In the event of an emergency or disaster, having bottled water on hand gives homeowners access to clean, nutrient-rich, filtered water regardless of whether the mains water supply has been shut off, damaged or compromised.

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