Two reasons why couples should not prepare their own wedding food

It is almost always best for those getting married to use the services of wedding catering companies instead of preparing their own wedding food. Read on to find out why.

1. DIY wedding meals often cost as much catered meals

One of the motivations couples have for wanting to prepare their own wedding food is the belief that it will be less expensive than using a wedding caterer's services. However, this is not always true. To prepare any type of food for dozens of guests, a couple would need lots of cooking equipment and supplies. For instance, while they may use a soup recipe that requires very cheap ingredients, they would still need to buy some commercial-sized vats in which to prepare and store the litres and litres of soup they would need for their wedding. Likewise, if they want to provide 80 wedding guests with some roast chicken, they may need to purchase two or three extra countertop ovens, in order to cook the multiple chickens they need for this dish. This could be costly. They would also have to incur the electricity costs associated with using their cookers for hours on end.

Secondly, those who make their own wedding food have to cover the cost of buying dozens of tupperware containers to transport it in and buying cooler boxes or thermal boxes for dishes that need to be kept cold or hot until they're served. All in all, they may end up spending close to the amount that a wedding caterer would have charged them, while also taking on all of the stress and effort of preparing such a large amount of food.

2. The couple won't have to worry about food-related illness complaints

If you use a wedding catering company, you won't have to worry about their guests holding you responsible for any food-related illnesses or injuries. A caterer won't make the type of mistakes that others are likely to make. For example, a caterer will always check that any hot dishes, like soup or curry, are at a safe temperature before they serve them. They'll also understand exactly how to avoid contaminating the dishes with ingredients that they've been told some of the guests are allergic to.

In short, if a couple hires a caterer, they could avoid ruining their wedding day memories with the potential guilt of accidentally injuring or making their guests ill. More importantly, they can avoid being sued by their guests. To learn more, contact wedding catering services. 

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